Scholarship Offers and Grant Awards

The Central Florida GIS Workshop offers 2 annual student scholarships in the field of geospatial sciences.

The Central Florida GIS Workshop, Inc. a 501c3 educational non-profit announces its Scholarship Initiative for 2024.

  • One award of $1000 for first place.
  • One award of $500 for second place.
  • The award will be based on a student’s initial essay submission and oral presentation on Monday, September 09, 2024 at the Central Florida GIS Workshop which will be held at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.

  • Eligibility and Conditions:
  • This is open to any Florida college or university Geography, GIS, Survey or similar program, and is for full time students participating in an undergraduate class during fall 2023 or spring and summer 2024.
  • Applicants must have the approval of their principal Geography/GIS/Survey etc. class instructor. The approval must be included in a cover letter to the essay submission. The letter must also state that the participant is a full time student in an undergraduate class at a Florida college or university.
  • Students will submit both an abstract and a complete paper at least 10 weeks prior to the Workshop.The deadline for application submission is 11:59 pm July 3, 2024. Anything received after this date will not be considered.
  • The student write-up should be submitted electronically in PDF format (not to exceed 20 MB) and include the following:
  • Bullet A Letter of Approval from their course instructor, also stating that the participant is a full time student in an undergraduate class at a Florida college or university.
    Bullet An Abstract containing the presentation title, Student’s Name, Affiliation/School (include course number), and student contact information. The body of the abstract should be no more than 300 words.
    Bullet An Essay containing the GIS, geography or survey oriented project write-up. This should represent what is substantially the student’s original work. There is no length requirement, but the essay should mimic what the student will be presenting orally at the Workshop. Any map or graphic that will be used in the oral presentation should be included in some way in the write-up.
    Bullet Submit your application no later than July 3, 2024 to Submissions too large to email may be submitted on a DVD or using a flash drive and mailed to:
    Central Florida GIS Workshop, Inc. Attn: Program Committee
    PO Box 622166
    Oviedo, FL 32762-2166
  • A maximum of 1 (one) student per course/class will be considered for each scholarship.
  • The student must make a 20 minute presentation in the Student Paper Track on Monday, September 09, 2024 at the Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Each successful applicant (up to six candidates) will receive a complimentary 2 day Workshop Registration (which includes breakfasts and lunches) to participate. This is an excellent opportunity to present to and network with GIS practitioners. Please note that the Workshop will not provide travel or lodging allowances to chosen candidates.
  • The Student Presentation Track is currently slotted for 6 speakers. In the event that there are more interested and eligible participants than the time available can support, the submitted write-ups will be evaluated by a committee of three (3) CFGIS Workshop Board members who will choose the participants by majority vote. Those advancing to the presentation stage will be notified by July 30, 2024.

    The audience present at the competition will be asked to fill out an evaluation sheet / survey following the presentations. A Committee of at least three (3) CFGIS Workshop Board members or their designees, also present at the presentations, will take the information regarding the two “popular vote” winners into account in their final decision. The decision as to the winners will be made prior to, and announced at, the Workshop’s Award Ceremony on September 10, 2024. The chosen student need not be present to receive the award.

    Download the 2024 CFGISWorkshop Scholarship (pdf) here.